Thursday, April 10, 2008

"But the torch relay itself is essentially a PR invention of the Nazi era." --Minky Worden (dn2008-0410 34:20-35:36)

That's it! Thanks, Sister Minky, I didn't know that myself.

The Torch Relay was invented as a trick of the myth-jacking masters.

And as we all know, the Nazi's took PR to the Next Level, now didn't they? The Olympics are explicitly mythological. It was, of course, more than an ad campaign.

It's all about myth-jacking and gang-raping us all, the body politic, in realtime, right freakin' now

I fear our reductive, mechanistic, lifeless terms, like "train-wreck," "Kicking the can," "ship of state," "PR," only serve unintentionally to keep us locked up in the same mentality from which we seek Release.

We do still call them temples of democracy, don't we? Are we, as a culture, too thoroughly colonized of mind by Mechanism, to recognize our innate Divinity from within? Can we, the nattering nabobs, learn to talk about living beings with terms appropriate to living beings, and not machines? We misbirth our selves each and every time we reduce our shares of Divinity to mere god-forsaken mechanisms. This isn't about "reproduction," it's about Growing & Flowing from within.

For example, 'Congress' is not a cannon-fodder sausage grinder for the fattening of kleptocrats! It's part of a freakin' VERB phrase! To have social intercourse. Note that this does not involve being forced into order from the violent efforts of a Creator/God/King/Priest/Man among men (don't even think of a woman in "His" place). But that's the cosmos assumed by Western science.

Try this exercise: see how long you can go before you turn Life into a machine with the words you use.

AMY GOODMAN:I was shocked in reading last night the history of the Olympic torch relay—you know, the torch itself going back to ancient Greece—but the relay to be Nazi Olympics, 1936.

MINKY WORDEN: There’s a wonderful book, new academic book called Nazi Games, which gives a concise history of this. But the torch relay itself is essentially a PR invention of the Nazi era. And the point of it was to run the torch through parts of Europe that Germany hoped to—that the Nazis hoped to take over, including the Sudetenland.

So it was—it really—I think if the corporate sponsors of the torch relay really knew the history of this, I can’t imagine that they’d want to be associated with it. And those sponsors are Coca-Cola, Lenovo and Samsung. And Human Rights Watch has also spent the last year writing to and communicating with the corporate sponsors about the—you know, they’re literally paying for the Olympics. The Olympics are paid for by the corporate sponsors. But there’s certainly going to be a price to pay in terms of corporate reputation if the torch relay inside China turns into a major human rights debacle.

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