Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somebody tell Congress: The Military is a political tool by definition

All the questions assumed a cosmos in which war is an acceptable means of asserting our interests. All the senators assume a political cosmos in which an ultimate authority forces unruly parts into Order.

Not just any order: the Order of the Great Cosmic Machine. And guess who's the favorite nation-state of the Engineer? Wrong! We all are! What kind of small-hearted god do these people worship, that would love only some of its offspring, and curse the majority to eternal damnation?

Somebody please tell the esteemed senators that war is not the weather, that Generals and Ambassadors are not freakin' meteorologists, and we are not the masters of the great cosmic machine.

Oh, right, as a poet, that's my job. My bad, I keep forgetting. I'm new at this.

Must say: HRC busted Amb. BoyScoutFace on "democracy" for the Iraqis // Executive Agreements for US.

While Clausewitz' extensive histories of the various Napoleonic campaigns are only of technical interest, On War has had a profound influence on modern strategic concepts. Its most significant single contribution is the doctrine of political direction in military matters. In maintaining that “war is nothing but a continuation of political intercourse with the admixture of different means,” he denied that war is an end in itself.

[emphasis added]
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