Thursday, April 10, 2008

"There was no human resources on a regular basis." --Everywoman, aka "Lisa Smith" (dn2008-0408)

Today's incarnations of Gaia/Everywoman/"Lisa Smith" are truly heroic. See how limitless is Her capacity for suffering! She suffers the worst kinds of degradation, and gets right back up to honor her own highest Calling, her own obligation to treat.

Many mythologies feature divinities who shed tears of sorrow that wet the earth that give rise to tears of joy.

None have ever done any better, more HERoic service to Divinity than "Lisa Smith" is doing right now.

AMY GOODMAN: And when you were there, did you report to your higher-ups? How did you deal that morning as you came to and realized what was happening?

I was physically ill from having feces being placed in my mouth. I had no other option other than to work that day. I was the only medical provider for that site. So I did work. I did have some rectal bleeding for about four days after that. And I had a discussion with camp management, as well as with the military, and was informed at that time that I was not to say a word. Until I left that particular camp, I did not say a word.

Once I was returned to another camp that was larger, that had more people available, as far as human resources and employee relations and the employee assistance program, that is when I chose to report the incident and felt that I was in a safer environment to do so.

The environment that I was in had very limited resources. There was no employee relations there until they came down to start this investigation of other issues in the camp. There was no human resources on a regular basis. There was no employee assistance on any type of basis there, other than traveling through to go to a different other site. So I had no options as far as who I could report it to, nor did we have military police there or American military established. There was a small group of American military there, but that was it.

AMY GOODMAN: Now, you worked, you believe, for KBR at the time. Did you, as a medic, have to treat one of your assailants?
LISA SMITH: Yes, I had.
AMY GOODMAN: What happened? What was that situation?

LISA SMITH: I had to treat him after an occupational injury.

AMY GOODMAN: How did you do that?

LISA SMITH: Again, I’m the only—he had a foot injury. I am the only medical provider down there. It wouldn’t matter who came in and was injured; I would have to— I have an obligation to treat.

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