Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"...[P]olitics was deliberately left out." --Amy Goodman, quoting Seattle Times (dn2008-0415 58:00-30)

The silent violence of anonymous Policy strikes again! Amy Goodman reads from the 11 April 2008 edition of the Seattle Times c.58:00 today.

UW officials last month asked students to submit possible questions for the Dalai Lama's campus visit. About 60 students responded — including about eight who wanted to ask about China or Tibet. But when UW officials hand-picked 14 students to ask questions at the event, politics was deliberately left out.

"Violence they can’t see, we barely have the opportunity even to raise the question." --Darius Rejali (@54:27-32 dn2008-0312)

And with electrical weapons that leave very few marks, it’s very hard to know.

I always ask people, during the Rodney King video, which everybody saw, “Does everyone remember it?” And everyone says, “Yeah.” And then I say, “Well, how much electroshock did he get when that video was running?” And everyone goes, “I don’t remember anything. There was just beating.” I was like, “No, he had a taser in him. He had gotten two bolts of 50,000 volts, and they were emptying out the remains of that charge in him while he was struggling.” Now, everybody can get outraged by violence they can see. Violence they can’t see, we barely have the opportunity even to raise the question.

Remember Zelikow's attempt to keep the Truth Genie bottled up in Michael Ratner's skull, saying, "He doesn't know that, we don't know that, NO 1 knows that"? Smoke & mirrors produce illusions on the physical level; tricks like Zelikow tried to pull work on the mythosociopsychic level. The bastard is on MY court now! Oh yeah, ZeliKOW! rhymes with OW, you can't even run when your adversary attacks from within.

By weaponizing mythic symbols and narratives, the object of torture is to get us to imprison ourselves in CELLves of our own making. I'll bet all the tea in my cupboard that's the "top secret" psychological research going on down at Gitmo. They're learning how to purge the existing mind and reinstall a more compliant model. They have no intention of "winning" hearts and minds, except maybe in the sense that "the West was won:" taken by military violence.

See how they're using a mechanical approach to Psyche? By using weapons to silence our own internal voices of Fear, we only make them fear louder. But that's what we do in a cosmos conceived as Holy War between Good and Evil. We force things into order from the outside, including living things that we simply assume to death before we ever touch them.

Torture is the Order of the Day in this, our official, APA-approved Newtonian psychology. Especially torture by isolation. It's what we do. The APA adopted the point particle as its model of the ego. Turns out, THERE AIN'T NO SECH CRITTER! HA! It's all flowing energy, and "it" is We, dearly beloved listener of this unspoken Voice.

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